"Our mission at MEST is to empower the next generation of African tech innovators," said Emily Fiagbedzi, Director of the MEST Training Program. "The Class of 2025 presents an exciting opportunity to nurture and elevate the brightest minds, equipping them with the skills and resources needed to drive impactful change across the continent through their tech startups."

Apply for Fully Sponsored Tech Entrepreneurship Training

By Abdi Ali Published January 29, 2024 If you hold a degree from a recognised University or Technical College or demonstrate equivalent experience and have entrepreneurial or corporate work experience coupled with a fervent passion for launching a software company in Africa, you have till March 18, 2024 to apply…

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Dr Catherine Nakalembe, from Uganda, won the Prize for being a distinguished expert in the field of crop mapping and monitoring, using remote sensing and machine learning techniques. She also leads NASA Harvest Africa program at the University of Maryland, which provides methods and systems to smallholder farmers in Africa, enhancing their skills.

Kuwait’s Al-Sumait Prize for African Development Announces Winners

By Khalifa Hemed Published January 4, 2024 The Al-Sumait Prize for African Development for 2022 has been awarded to Catherine Nakalembe and African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF). The Kenya-based AATF that is chaired by Professor Aggrey Ambali has won the Prize for its success in enabling small scale farmers in…

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The adventure these women are about to embark on will give them an unparalleled view of one of the most remote locations on the planet. Antarctica not only provides early warnings of climate change – it also represents the fragility of our natural world, and why we need to protect it. We are excited to see how each person takes on this life-changing journey, and translates their learnings into actions

All-Women Scientists Voyage to set Sail for Antarctica

By Emily Dyssell Published October 23, 2023 An expedition of 188 women from all over the world, is setting sail to Antarctica in November, on a collaborative mission to promote the long-term sustainability of the planet. With representatives from South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe, the 19-day voyage provides participants, all…

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Through this meeting organised by Cybersplice, experts are expected to provide action plans and tool demos to help manufacturers detect threats early, manage vulnerabilities, and to take charge of inherent cyber-physical exposures.

How Manufacturers Can Maintain Production Line Integrity in the Face of Cyber-Physical Attack

By Abdi Ali Published September 3, 2023 How Manufacturers Can Maintain Production Line Integrity in the Face of Cyber-Physical Attack is the title of a webinar for manufacturers around the world as cyberattack incidents targeting operational technology and industrial control systems continue to rise at an exponential rate. The webinar,…

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Partnership that Makes Seamless Payments across 130 Countries Forged

By LaToya Mwanda Published November 1, 2022 CR2, a leading vendor in the digital banking and payments market, has partnered with Thunes, a B2B payments company. This partnership enables CR2 customers to make seamless payments to more than 130 countries, expanding the platform’s international payment capabilities. Historically, cross-border payments relied…

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Africa’s youth can play a key role in building businesses, creating jobs, providing value, and innovating – things which Africa desperately needs

Reimagining Youth Skills Development for Africa’s Future

By Khalifa Hemed Published September 9, 2022 Though Africa is said to have the youngest, fastest-growing population in the world, with more than 400 million people aged 15 to 35 years, the continent is also plagued by high levels of unemployment and limited educational opportunities for the youth. Africa Frontiers…

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