“The rapid acceleration of digitalization has been the ‘silver lining narrative’ of the pandemic. Remittances have been one of the key beneficiaries of digital transformation as members of the diaspora sent funds to their loved ones back home to help them ride out the ravages of the pandemic,” says Patrick Njoroge, Governor of Central Bank of Kenya.

Remittance Flows to Kenya on the Upswing

By IFAD Published May 26, 2021 Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on wages and employment across the world, the Kenyan diaspora community continues to send money back home to their families. The Central Bank of Kenya data show that remittance flows to Kenya increased by 10 per cent,…

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It is also expected that ProMIFA will support the establishment of a financing and risk-mitigation mechanism, develop new financial products, improve the quality of financial services. Picture by Erick Kaglan

Creating Economic Opportunities for Rural People

By Abdi Ali Published February 9, 2019 More than 50 000 African households are set to benefit from a US$35 million rural project. The Shared-risk Agricultural Financing Incentive Mechanism Support project (ProMIFA) of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Government of Togo is meant to to spur inclusive…

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