Carine Kaneza Nantulya, deputy Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

Ethiopia’s Truce Needs Robust Rights Monitoring

By Human Rights Watch Published November 4, 2022 The ‘cessation of hostilities’ agreement between Ethiopia’s federal government and Tigrayan authorities announced on November 2, 2022 provides a crucial opportunity for immediate and rigorous international monitoring to avert further atrocities and a humanitarian catastrophe. The two main warring parties reached an…

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Protect Cyclone Victims From Sex for Food Trap

By Khalifa Hemed Published April 25, 2019 Desperation for food is forcing victims of a cyclone to trade sex for food. Hunger and destruction caused by Cyclone Idai, Human Rights Watch reports, has left hundreds of thousands of women in Mozambique vulnerable to abuse by community leaders. RELATED:CORRUPTION UNDERMINES DEVELOPMENT…

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